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DIT Conference: Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions

Conference evaluation form

Thank you for attending the Higher Education in the 21st Century Conference: Diversity of Missions.

We would appreciate if you would take some time to give us your feedback.

Please rate the following items:

1. Electronic registration process (ease of use, dependability)

2. Pre-conference information (accuracy, timeliness)

3. Conference Web site (navigability, quality of information available, graphics)

4. Conference agenda/program (content, accuracy, attractiveness, organisation)

5. Conference on-site registration/check-in procedure (efficiency, courteousness, information provided)

6. Exhibit area (organization, agencies represented, usefulness)

7. Conference meals & refreshments (service and taste)

(a) Opening Reception
(b) Refreshment breaks
(c) Lunches
(d) Gala Dinner

8. Were there an appropriate number of parallel sessions?

9. Please rate the usefulness of the parallel sessions

10. The conference increased my knowledge and understanding of educational systems in other countries.

11. The conference increased my knowledge and understanding of how other HEIs are dealing with issues of diverse missions.

12. The conference gave me an opportunity to develop and renew personal contacts among academic leaders, practitioners, policymakers, funders, and business sector representatives internationally.

13. Overall, how well did the conference meet your expectations?

14. How do you rate the registration fees in terms of what you learned from/got out of the conference?

15. Overall, how useful was the conference?

16. What aspects of the conference did you find most useful? Why?

17. What aspects of the conference did you find least useful? Why?

18. Please comment on any presenters or moderators who were especially effective.

19. In what ways could the conference have been improved?

20. Please provide additional comments that would help us to serve you better.

21. Where do you reside?

22. Please indicate your institution type

23. Which category best describes you?