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DIT Conference: Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions

Diverse Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning:

Some notes on margins - not necessarily marginal notes

Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana

Abstract for the conference ‘Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions’, 25-27 June, 2007, Dublin.

Contemporary reforms and innovation in higher education are mostly about structures, organisation, quality and financing. It is true that teaching, learning and assessment have also got visible and influential position within recent reforms but are mostly regarded as tools which could enhance structural and organisational changes. Mass higher education on one hand and internationalisation of higher education on the other open a number of substantial questions. For example what is the relationship between the traditional university studium and the modern concept of TLA (teaching, learning, assessment)? Are changes in TLA primarily a “technical” request of today’s reforms or does also modern epistemology demand changes in TLA? Can (should) we discuss TLA from the point of view of the social dimension and/or the European dimension of the Bologna Process?

These questions are not the mainstream issues today. As the subheading suggests, they are rather notes on their margins; however, they are a necessary reflection of ongoing higher education changes in Europe and worldwide, and therefore, as the author believes, not necessarily marginal notes.