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DIT Conference: Higher Education in the 21st Century – Diversity of Missions

Conference Abstracts

Abstracts are now available by following the links below: (as they appear on the programme)

Frans van Vught                                      Diversity and Differentiation in Higher Education Systems

Sir Howard Newby                                 Valuing and Funding Diverse Missions

Helen Garnett                                         Charles Darwin University – a University with Unique Features within Australia’s Public University

Frank McMahon                                       Universities Surviving Diversity of Mission

Universities surviving diversity of missi Andrée Sursock                                      The changing context of quality assurance in Europe

Elizabeth Harman                                  Learning (in) Contexts: Re-imaging Campuses and Partnerships at a New School of Thought

Josep M. Vilalta                                       Regional and Industry Partnerships in Catalonia. The Role of Catalan Universities in the
                                                                    Development of a Knowledge Based Society and Economy

Heather Eggins                                       Diversity within Institutions

Sam Shaw                                               Supporting Diversity at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Jaana Puukka & Francisco
Marmolejo                                               Supporting the Contribution of Higher Education Institutions to Regional Development

Ossi V Lindqvist                                    Research and Institutional Mission

John Hughes                                         Research and Institutional Mission

Peter Eckel                                              Prestige, Reputation, and Mission Diversity in U.S. Higher Education:
                                                                   The Buick and The Mercedes-Benz

Mala Singh                                              Valuing Diversity of Higher Education Missions as a Qualified Good

Pavel Zgaga                                          Diverse Pedagogies for Teaching and LearningDiverse Pedagogies for Teaching and LearningDiverse Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning  Diverse Pedagogies for Teaching and Learning

Gordon Freedman                                 Institutional Image and Differentiation

Ellen Hazelkorn                                      Impact of League Tables and Rankings on Institutional Diversity

John Rickard                                          Central Queensland University: Regional University; Global Perspective – Breaking the
                                                                   traditional higher education model

Abdul Razak Dzulkifli                             What kind of Institution does your Institution want to be?

Lara Lena Tischler                                What kind of Institution does your Institution want to be?

                 Diversity and Differentiation in Higher Education Systems